As the National Party wraps up three days of fierce debate over whether or not they believe the science presented that indicates burning fossil fuels at an accelerating rate for over 200 hundred years is bad for the planet, Independent North Queensland MP Bob Katter says he’s never been happier with his decision to leave their party over two decades ago.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Katter says the fact that the Nats haven’t come to a decision after a week of discussing Net Zero 2050 only validates his belief that former tax accountants and Canberra staffers make for horrible politicians.

“Look at those drunken toffs” says Katter with a chuckle this arvo.

“It’s the hardest they’ve ever worked in their lives and they’ve still come up with nothing?”

“What are they debating again? They’re in there arguing that smoke isn’t air?”

“It’s days like this that I really thank the Lord above that I left that party all those years ago”

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has warned of a “ripple effect” through the Coalition if his party is put under pressure to endorse a cut in carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 as some of his colleagues warn against the goal.

But Katter, as a proud independent, has no intention of being involved in this political gridlock.

“I’ll vote how I see fit, and it’s between me and my constituents how I vote”

“You can all take guesses at what that’ll be. But I’m not beholden to some doughey-eyed concrete cowboy legislators. The National Party has lost their way since they rolled Sir Joh. Now it’s just a bunch of UQ thespians, and they’re all missing a few roos in the top paddock”

When asked his own thoughts on limiting carbon emissions, Katter says he’s not even sure why they even need to have a summit on this bloody thing, because anyone with half-a-brain knows that the key to limiting carbon emissions is planting more of those big red river gum trees”

The Honourable Bob Katter was then asked to please expand on his theory of carbon neutralisation.

“Those big Red River Gums” he said.

“They suck in carbon like Clive Palmer sucks in oxygen walking up those stairs at the Brisbane casino”

“But ya can’t camp under ’em because those branches have a mind of their own, funny story actually, there was this bloke named Chinaman Charlie who left behind two wives and 19 jarjums after a big limb of timber landed on his swag one night.”

The Betoota Advocate’s field reporter then responded to this anecdote by telling Bob it doesn’t actually sound like a very funny story, The Member for Kennedy said nah you had to be there in the Cloncurry Hotel when Chinaman Charlie’s old mate Fox Trap told the yarn.


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