A 60 something regional man who holds great sway of the state of Queensland and the nation of Australia in general, has today offered up the final word on a topical issue.

Derek Derekson, from the bustling metropolis of Rockhampton has informed The Advocate and his 223 Facebook friends that he refuses to call K’gari, by its name, K’gari.

This comes after traditional owners of the land were finally granted their request to have K’gari officially re-instated to it’s rightful name, after a couple hundred years of being referred to as Fraser Island.

It’s a move that has been generally welcomed by the nation, outside of a few noisy Facebook commenters like Derek.

“Mate, this woke madness will never end,” said the fitter and turner who has a daily rant about the ‘current generation’ not having enough respect for those who came before them.

“Everything seems to be changing,” continued the man who has already added The King’s Birthday into his official vocabulary despite having such an aversion to updated names for things.

“It will always be Fraser Island to me,” confirmed Derek, whose last few holidays have been in Uluwatu.

“Have you every been there? It’s such a lovely place, the people are so in tune with the culture and history.”

“Really really lovely culture.”

“Anyway, I’ve got to get back to commenting on news article during my work hours.”

More to come.


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