A local property owner has today continued on her quest to sanitise the suburb she moved into a few years ago.

Speaking from the edge of Betoota’s French Quarter, Judy Wilson (67) explained to The Advocate her latest ploy to shut down any semblance of nightlife in the slowly diminishing French Quarter.

“I went into the place a few doors down the road from me called the Bearded Pig’s Whistle, and started sneezing and coughing my way around the venue,” she laughed over a skim flat white down at one of the local cafés that seemingly is an affront to everything boomers stand for but is horrendously popular with their age group.

This follows Melbourne going into hard lockdown a few weeks ago, and numerous venues in Sydney having to shut the doors because of COVID cases entering their venues.

“Started touching things, moving around, and I’ve since told them this morning that the doctors think I have the dreaded COVID,” she explained.

Her latest action follows a long campaign of phoning the local council and police whenever she here’s noise after 12:00pm on the dot, or can spot someone a bit pissed having a conversation on the way home.

“There are families around here, and we just don’t need people carrying on into the late hours, people need to just head into the city,” said the woman who bought her retirement place a few years ago with full knowledge of the nightlife prevalent in the district.

“People are just so entitled, they think they can behave however they want without any consequences,” finished the now-fired up sexagenerian who didn’t want to by a place in the notoriously quiet Betoota Grove because it wasn’t quite as convenient for her to do a few things here and there.

“Anyway, I think they’ve been closed – for now. And I’ll be watching and ready to go next time they open up. Don’t you worry about that.”


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