A Betoota Heights woman is breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon after ticking off an important bit of life admin.

Melanie Kovac says she’s finally gotten on top of her parking bills and fines.

After years of battling the prices of the predatory parking company that was given the license to build on the hospital grounds for some reason unbeknownst to everyone, Kovac says she’s figured out how to ensure she has parking going forward.

The nurse at Betoota’s Royal Princess Adelaide Hospital says she’s just sending all of her earnings to the parking company.

“I’ve just asked Payroll to make sure my paycheque just goes straight to the parking company,” said the young nurse who lives out of town and isn’t able to get public transport unless she wants to turn her commute into a 2 hour each way trip.

“I just thought cut out the middle man and send it to the parking predators.”

“Given they charge my hourly rate to have my car parked on the fourth floor of their tower, I figure it’s easier to do it this way.”

“They are apparently contemplating putting up the rates at the car park, so let’s the planned industrial action in the Channel Country can lift my wage in line with that.”

More to come.


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