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A bloke who’s spent too much time going down the Tik Tok rabbit hole has today declared he wants a ‘trad wife’ like the good old days, despite barely making enough money to look after himself, it’s reported.

Regurgitating opinions he’s read online, Brad Jones, 34, says the downfall of the traditional household can be entirely blamed on feminism, and not the fact that our society now requires two working parents to raise a family – unless of course, you are lucky enough to have a spouse that makes high figures.

Expressing his desires for a ‘trad wife’ which is a trend that has blown up on Tik Tok, Brad hasn’t really given much thought to how he’d look after a wife and raise a family on a below average income, or the fact that he’d be responsible for footing all the bills – which, strangely enough, would likely result in him calling a woman a gold digger.

For those unaware of the trad wife moment, the trend involves a series of carefully curated lifestyle videos made my very young, attractive stay at home mothers, who very likely have high income partners that allow them the freedom of being able to partake in the nicer side of domestic house life, such as spending over an hour making your kids breakfast, when all they really want is some Coco puffs.

Though being a stay at home mother is a perfectly fine desire to have, the trad wife trend tends to focus on the glamorous style of domestic living, which reads more as propaganda than an achievable lifestyle – whilst also failing to factor in what happens to women if they end up getting left with nothing later on in life, with little to no work experience to fall back in.

But for Brad, having a trad wife factors perfectly into his ambitions of being waited on hand and foot, while offering little to nothing in return.

“Feminism has ruined everything”, says Brad, because it’s easier getting into culture wars than staring at the real problem, which is that his dissatisfaction at the state of the world and longing for a simpler life of raising children has been destroyed by capitalism and the very figureheads he calls heroes, “women aren’t allowed to be mums anymore.”

“They’d be so much happier staying at home”, he adds, not factoring in that even though some women in the 1950’s were quite happy to stay at home, that valium wasn’t coined ‘Mother’s little helper’ for no reason.

“The world’s gone mad.”

More to come.


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