A miracle has taken place today as local husband Steven Pyne (46) has begun clearing out the bric-à-brac he has accumulated over ten years in the spare room, guest room, and garage.

After a successful hour which involved a tearful farewell to a stack of original print Ralph magazines, wife Patricia Pyne (47) was disappointed to see the clean out had been completely abandoned upon her husband’s discovery of his old Sega Master System.

“Babe! It still works, check it out!” yelled Steven, unaware he had trailed several dust bunnies into the lounge room.

“Let’s do classic Sonic first then Sonic Chaos so we can see the improvement in gaming technology.”

Although the usually happy married couple did watch a Netflix documentary about the history of video games, Patricia claims she is much less interested in gaming when it is not narrated by Stephen Colbert and is getting in the way of a long awaited clean up.

“Do you have to do that right now?” asked Patricia, who often loses sleep at the thought of the tonnes of useless guff collecting dust in her house.

“Let’s make it fun. You lose, you have to finish your cleaning. You win and I divorce you forever.”


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