Local woman Vicki Stewart (46) is gift wrapping for two again after her husband Darren (40) has insisted he is still so bad at wrapping presents.

Although Vicki states she doesn’t mind doing the wrapping for both of them, she does find it a bit bullshit that Darren has not even attempted to wrap a present since Christmas six years ago.

“I remember he passed it to me and I thought it must have been really heavy but it turned out he’d just used almost a whole roll of paper, pinned at the side with safety pins,” stated Vicki.

“Worst part was I already knew what he was getting me that year so there wasn’t even a surprise.”

When questioned by our team of journalists about why he’s so bad at a simple seasonal task, Darren seemed to exude the attitude of an anxious child who hasn’t even had a chance to tell Santa what he wants yet.

“Nooo, I’m just so bad at it!” he proclaimed as if his job as a product manager didn’t prepare him for unusual tasks.

“One time I accidentally left the price tag on, it was really bad!”


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