A big dumb husband has today spent a huge chunk of money to get rekt online by people young enough to be his kids.

This comes as the 29-year-old father of none just splashed out on a brand new Play Station 5, something his wife can’t quite wrap her head around.

“All he does is get angry and shout out the TV,” sighed his wife.

“He says the specs are way better?” she shrugged, preparing herself for a few months of uninterrupted reality TV and reading.

“Oh well, at least it will keep him away from the pub I hope,” she laughed.

However, while the expenditure has raised eyebrows from his significant other, James reckons it’s money well spent.

“Man, I’m going to be able to see these high school kids open my brain up even more graphically,” he laughed.

“And the game’s load heaps quicker, so I’ll be able to re-spawn get shot, and do it all over again in rapid time.”

“Seriously though, you should hear some of the shit these kids say? It’s pretty fucking crook.”

“Like you think it’s just I rooted your mum stuff?”

“It’s fucked. I’ve got grave concerns for this next generation.”


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