It’s been a real case of the Mondays for some local Human Resources staff members today, being forced to tackle an internal complaint head on this morning.

This busy start to the week for the HR team of two down at a firm in Betoota’s Old City District follows complaints levelled against an employee with a ‘disgusting laptop.’

The Advocate has been informed that the employee in question’s laptop, has a laptop with an “incredibly cluttered desktop” and has been a source of grievance for some time in the office.

“It’s fucking appaling,” said one anonymous complainant.

“It makes me sick every time I see it. For someone who seems to have their life in order, that desktop is cooked. How do you function like that?”

One HR staff member who was frustrated about having to actually do something told us that they just couldn’t leave the issue any longer.

“Yeah we spoke to the person at the centre of the complaint and just told him he’s gotta spend some time cleaning that thing up,” the HR team member said toying at some leftovers from the night before.

“Halfway through our pretty informal chat, the staff member in question opened up his phone to check something and we saw something else pretty disturbing.”

“341 unread text messages, and 2,000 unread emails just sitting there.”

“We are working out whether we will need to be escalating that, because if that was to get out imagine the anguish that would be caused around the office.”

More come.


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