A teacher at Betoota Heights secondary college is today dealing with a rapidly escalating situation.

The Maths/IT teacher at the local high school in our town’s aspirational district says she’s currently trying to get a handle on a group of unruly Year 9 students.

Deemed one of the worst year groups in high school due to their ability to somewhat understand adult behaviour but fail to give a shit about consequences or be intimidated like their more timid younger peers, Georgia Trink says it hasn’t been an ideal start to her day.

“They found my burner social media accounts,” she sighed heavily.

“Facebook, Instagram and even my TikTok.”

“There’s nothing on my TikTok and my IG is on private, but they trawled through and found stuff from my late high school era and uni days.”

Trink said the realisation hit her like a hammer when one of the kids whose too smart for his own good asked her if she saw “Brayden on the weekend.”

“I immediately joined the dots between his cheeky smile and the name of my high school boyfriend who wore etnies, a flat cap and had a tongue piercing,” Trink said.

“And I knew he’d found the buried photos of me with a front fringe and died pink hair.”

Trink who has since moved well on from Brayden, then had to think fast.

“I had to shred him,” she said.

“Without showing he got under my skin, because if I did, then it would have given him even more.”

“I have no idea how they found it though,” said the woman whose burner accounts go under the name Trink Gee.

“Anyway, I’ve deactivated Facebook and I’ll do a purge tonight, but I’m sure they’ve got all the photos screen-shotted by now.”

“This will be an ongoing situation.”

More to come.


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