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Local woman Renee Howard is fucking done with her ex.

After several months of delaying the inevitable, Renee had come to accept that she and her partner had vastly different communication styles and that no amount of workshopping could fix an incompatible relationship based solely on chemistry.

And though her friends had grown tired of being a soundboard for her revolving door of relationship issues, Renee had stubbornly persisted at trying to make it work – as starting over and being alone seemed a lot more difficult than changing George’s entire personality.

But after one last heated spat, Renee has concluded that there’s no going back now. It’s time to end it. 

However, considering the entire relationship was an absolute dumpster fire, a clean breakup just isn’t on the cards – which is why she’s decided to block him on every social media platform except LinkedIn, providing George with an opening to reignite the toxic relationship, if he tries hard enough to find it.

“If it’s meant to be, he’ll find a way to contact me”, explains Renee, “I’m leaving it up to the universe.”

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