A investigation has reported that the healthy wrap from the work cafe has failed to hit the spot for the 22nd time.

Wanting to spread her wings during her strictly monitored lunch hour, employee Gina Kidman (33) elected to visit the ‘Business Park Kafe,’ a venue that meets her criteria of being 50 metres away from her desk and unremarkable enough that she can visit everyday guilt free.

“What can I get you?” asked the cafe staff who knew exactly what Kidman was going to order but pretend not to know her every time they see her.

Perusing through the selection of pre-packaged lunch options, Kidman purchased a grilled prawn and vegie wrap after briefly toying with the idea of eating something she might actually enjoy.

Upon finishing her lunch the Sales Director confirmed that she was almost satisfied with her healthy wrap for what is reported to be her 22nd time.

“Might have to have a piece of fruit with it next time,” stated Kidman for the 22nd time.

“Or like, they used to soups here. I don’t mind soup if it isn’t too creamy”

“Or maybe I should take the days that I forget to pack lunch as an opportunity to treat myself with something fucked”



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