One of Betoota’s most vascular blokes is conducting some social media hygiene this evening, after a post-workout photoshoot went wrong.

After a 90-minute session pumping iron at the Anytime Fitness in Betoota Ponds, local gym rat Jackson Martyn is believed to have taken a few thirsty snaps of his muscular frame, in an effort to acquire some attention from members of the opposite sex.

Stopping by the change rooms on the way out of the weights zone, Jackson is reported to have snuck into the bathroom for a cheeky photoshoot, capturing his feathered triceps in all their sweaty glory.

Getting the perfect angle under the bathroom’s down lighting, Jackson even lifted up his Gym Shark shorts to showcase his dense quads and juicy calves.

Uploading the image to his Instagram with the caption ‘Feelin this’, Jackson nodded with self-approval at his own glistening tendons. 

However, after jumping in his Mitsubishi Magna for the twelve minute drive home, Jackson was horrified to sit out the front of his house and see that his post garnered minimal attention.

With only three likes and one comment from an Aunty he only ever sees at Christmas, Jackson was disappointed to see his little social media faux pas struggling to generate any traction.

Reading his Aunty’s comment “Looking good my handsome nephew! So Much Muscle!”, Jackson has reportedly decided to take down his baiting image and get on with his nightly routine of eating 400g of poached chicken and some honeyed carrot sticks. 

Staring into the night sky as he trudged up the garden path carrying his stinking gym bag, Jackson looked to the stars in search of validation.

“What happened there, is there something wrong with me?” pondered Jackson.

“Hmmm maybe I uploaded it at the wrong time, I’ll try again tomorrow.”

More to come.


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