As the nationwide lockdown continues, around Australia have had to completely rethink their group chat content sharing habits. What used to be filled with photos of ice-cold schooners, and all sorts of other shit, the group chats are now inundated with photos of what they’re making for dinner.

The Advocate reached out to a member from one of Betoota’s more well-known boys chats, who was happy to share every detail of his sacred boy chat.

“Well there’s not much else to take photos of now” said the snitch.

“Taking a picture of a bottled beer poured into a water cup just isn’t the same as a freshly poured schooner”

“So now we’re just taking photos of what we’re having for dinner, the things some of these boys eat for dinner is a joke in itself”

“One of them at a kilo of beef jerky”

“I think he even dared one of us to dare him to eat it all”

While the meal sharing content has given the boys the intimacy that they crave, it has in fact caused a little bit of jealously in the ranks.

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious whose girlfriends cook for them” Snitchy said jealously.

“It’s kinda bullshit actually. We’re sposed to be in the middle of a pandemic and some blokes are eating 8hr slow-cooked lamb – what happened to ration?”

At the time of press, none of the boys had begun uploading food pics to The Thug Squad, as dinner approaches the snitch thinks the photos will start coming in thick and fast.

“Don’t tell them I talked to you, but”

More to come.  


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