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The former Premier of New South Wales has bid farewell to a small pile of clothing that once defined her media appearances this afternoon.

Gladys Berejiklian, before heading out on a picnic this afternoon in Sydney, emptied her wardrobe of work blazers into a number of garbage bags and drove them down the road to her local church.

Once there, she instructed her driver to help her dispose of the 177 different colours and styles of jacket that she’s accumulated in the past few years.

“Hurry up, Neville,” she said.

“We’re burning daylight. I need to to take me to the park after this and I need you to wait while my sisters and I strawpedo these Cruisers and demolish this cheeseboard,”

“Fuck it, we’ll come back and put the rest in tomorrow.”

Just as they shoved the last bag in, Gladys caught a glimpse of the hot pink blazer she last wore in May.

“God, look at the tassles. What was I thinking? I couldn’t even wear that to work at NAB!”

More to come.


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