A local girlfriend is today counting her lucky stars after being reminded about just how lucky she is. 

Bridget Blicavs from our aspirational project home suburb of Betoota Heights said she still can’t believe she’s found the one. 

Nearly 4 years into what she says is the relationship of a lifetime, Bridget confirmed her boyfie Tom has gone and done it again. 

“He just gets me,” she laughed. 

The reminder of the love and appreciation shown by her significant other reportedly came in the form of a pair of Zinger Boxes for an impromptu stay-at-home date night. 

With Tom bailing on a session with his mates following a big few weeks, the pair had agreed upon a nice night on the couch with some takeaway and a movie. 

Unable to land upon anything in particular, Bridget told Tom she’d love it if he could just surprise her with dinner. 

So, taking matters into his own hands the young Romeo narrowed in on a trip to visit his old mate the Colonel. 

“Look, it’s not the fanciest meal in the world, but it’s our date night meal,” laughed young Tom, who may or may not have polished off a Popcorn Chicken in the car on the way home. 

It’s believed big Tom may have even made the pre-emptive step to pick up a packet of choccy bullets for after dinner as well. 

“God he’s good,” sighed Bridget, currently snuggled up in the KFC hoodie she stole from her BF. 


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