A Brisbane man’s commute to the city has become mildly more interesting this morning, as he tunes into the local news playing out back home in Betoota.

Having spent the last nine years of his life living and working in Brisvegas, Vince Carrigan (28) relies on Facebook to keep him up to date with who from high school is now getting married, pregnant or is potentially going to jail.

Treating himself to a few spikes of serotonin, Vince’s daily scroll of Facebook was highlighted by the discovery that a girl who used to hiss like a cat at substitute teachers was now super into powerlifting.

After spotting an image of Britnee Kelly (28) decked out in a red powerlifting suit, some blue knee wraps and a freshly inked rose tattoo, Vince shot a screenshot off to his group chat of school mates that he enjoys sharing memes with.

“Ahaha, check out Britt,” typed Vince, screenshotting the post and dropping it into the chat.

“Yeah remember when she went ape shit on the school counsellor in Year 9, threw a bin at his head!” replied good mate Pete, who now works in Melbourne as an architect.

“She’s fully into it, does comps and stuff” added Blayke, a mate who lives in Betoota as a fencing contractor and tips the boys off to all the hot gossip that’s happening around town.

“That’s wild, wonder if she hisses at the trainer if he asks for another rep” laughed Vince.

“Aaha, too funny…”


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