A big sweaty mess has today been forced to swallow a few sledges, after being confronted by a smirking colleague.

Rolling into work on an unseasonably scorching Channel Country day, Betoota Hills man Aaron Simpson was visibly in a bit of a state.

With temperatures clocking close to 40 and kitted out in full office attire, Simpson turned up looking like he’d just waded out of a body of water in some period drama.

Struggling to catch his breath, and with every ounce of his skin uncomfortable, Simpson was then greeted by a very cool looking colleague who asked him an interesting question.

“Geez, bit hot out there,” laughed one of his colleagues from the sales team, who had clearly been enjoying a bit of air con for the last little while.

“Um yeah,” he muttered, flicking half a glass of saline water off his forehead.

“It’s definitely warm.”

No able to smell himself, Simpson was then asked if he had walked all the way from home.

“Um nah,” he responded.

“Just walked like 2 minutes from the bus stop to the office.”

His colleague then offered him up some advice, which made him walk to the kitchenette.

“Shoulda got in early I guess. Wasn’t too bad for me.”

More to come.


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