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Belle Goliath, the girlfriend of Bill Smith, is today attending the funeral of the late Sandrine Smith, an eighty-six-year-old grandmother who passed away in a tragic croquet accident last week.

It’s believed Belle hadn’t really met much of Bill’s extended family, so although a sad occasion, it was her chance to impress her future family in-law. It was going well until Belle arrived at the wake and had a couple glasses of champagne to build up her courage to mingle.

“Immediately after I said it I wanted to take it back, it was like everything went it slow motion”

Sitting down with The Advocate, Belle explained the events surrounding the moment she asked Bill’s aunt, the late Sandrine’s daughter, how things have been.

“She just scowled at me and then burst into tears”

“What was I thinking?”

“Her mum had just died, of course things haven’t been going well.”

“I tried to backtrack, but it was too late, she was pretty good about it though. Well, as good as anyone can be at the wake of their mother.”

Despite thinking she might get away with reminding a mourning daughter that her mum had just died, The Advocate can confirm that the Smith family isn’t taking it so well.

Bill’s aunt has reportedly put an irreversible strike through Belle and is lobbying other family members to turn on her too.

More to come. 


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