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“Well shit, thinks local woman Lilly Malvern, going into panic mode, “he’s got me.”

She should have known better than to be honest when Nathan asked her what her plans were tonight. But he’d done it so innocently.

How was she to know it was a trap?

“Got much on this week?”, he’d asked, which Lilly had assumed was just a pleasant conversation.

“Nah just have a house party this weekend, wbu?”, she’d answered.

“Oh sweet, want to come hang? 

Don’t get her wrong, Nathan is a perfectly pleasant person to hang around with, which is why it fills her with so much guilt when she finds herself avoiding one on one interactions. 

But fuck, he’s just so on…all the goddamn time. And as an introvert, Lilly can only handle being around ‘on’ people when it’s in a group setting, and not when all their golden retriever energy is directly centred on her – especially if she’s just come home from work, and needs recharge time.

Nathan is essentially the human version of pre workout, and Lilly just can’t be fucked getting off the couch.

“Aw I would but i have no money, just bought plane tickets for Christmas so I’m poor as fuck.”

“That’s fine, we can just chill at mine!”

“I bought this new board game, it’s rated in the top ten on board game geeks.”

“Or I can come to you?”

More to come.


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