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The art of mastering a foreign language is one that takes years of practice and study, and the sound of beautifully spoken French by a bilingual Betootan is a true treat to the ears.

However, this evening at a Betoota Ponds house the French being spoken is far from a treat, it’s being scrunched up, spat on and set alight by a 9-year-old child.

The Advocate was alerted to the child’s pathetic attempt at a foreign language by a friend of the parents, who wished to remain anonymous.

It’s believed that the child demanded the attention of the three adults, announcing that he could now speak French, and everyone should listen.

“Sje mi pall Tyson” said the boy with terrible pronunciation.

“Oh sweetheart, that’s fantastic!” gushed the boy’s parents.

“Yeah, super impressive?” said a confused friend.

“What did you say?” the friend questioned, clearly knowing what the boy said, but just asking to be polite.

“I said my name is Tyson, want me to teach you?”

“Nah, I’m good,” replied the friend.

The friend went on to explain to The Advocate that the child’s French was so bad she thought he might as well give up.

“Some kids have a knack for language, this one did not”

“Thankfully he went to bed and I could stop pretending to be impressed with his skills.”

“Next time I think I’ll just spit some French back at him and watch him crumble.”

More to come.


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