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Betoota Dolphins centre, Todd Bellamy, is moments away from knowing what it means to green out, it’s been confirmed. 

Bellamy, who likes to think himself a bit of a tough guy, disregarded his friends warnings about smoking a whole joint to himself.

Instead, challenging himself to smoke it as quickly as he can. 

“Oi, watch this” he naively said. 

After puffing on the jazz cigarette three times, Bellamy proudly announced he couldn’t feel a thing. 

“That’s barely touched the sides, boys” 

He proceeded to finish the joint by himself as his friends watched on laughing. 

What Todd didn’t know was that waiting just beyond his consciousness was a tsunami of TCH, just waiting to spear-tackle him and put him on his ass. 

Approximately 5 minutes after finishing the joint, the THC hit. 

Witnesses say Todd’s eyes glazed over and he began slurring his words and stumbling before falling sideways into a nearby stack of chairs. 

From there, while covered in chairs, he began uncontrollably vomiting, any attempt of self preservation disappearing with each retch. 

After laughing at the scene for 10 minutes Todd’s friends went to his aid, helping him up and putting him into a taxi. His current state is not yet known. 

More to come. 


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