A generally useless flatmate has won some brownie points this week, by making sure his housemates have enough to wipe with for a month.

Six months into renting a room in a five-bed sharehouse on Beem Street, junior taxation auditor Franklin Harley-Shields (25) is believed to have won ‘flatmate of the week’ award for stealing a jumbo roll of bog roll from his corporate office.

Despite never bothering to sweep up his trail of toast crumbs when he moves from the kitchen to the couch, or the fact he regularly helps himself to housemate Claire’s “good facial cleanser”, Franklin has finally done a good deed and saved the house a solid $50 this month.

“I was working back late the other night and I saw the cleaner leave their trolley behind to have a smoke break,” Franklin told The Advocate.

“And stacked high was a tall tower of bog roll and I thought, why don’t I just nick one?! I grabbed two boxes of paper towels and a sack of hand wash too!”

Unaware that he’s the most unpopular housemate, who’s regularly slagged off when he’s not around, The Advocate understands Franklin’s efforts this week may have bought him a few more months in the sharehouse.

Speaking to fellow housemate Claire Jenkins, Claire told our reporter he’s been in the departure lounge up until pulling off this sneaky manoeuvre.

“He’s a bit of a grub if I’m honest, we even have a WhatsApp chat with the other housemates called ‘Franklin’s Fckups’ where we complain about him.”

“But if he’s up for stealing a jumbo roll of TP every month we might just keep him, especially if he breaks into the executive toilets next time and brings home the plush 3-ply stuff!”


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