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A local Yo-Pro in Betoota’s Old City District has unintentionally informed one of his colleagues that’s he’s been doing a bit of reading of late.

Finn Hill (25) did by flashing his shiny new orange bank card at the cafe just moments ago.

“Someone’s been reading some self-help books hey,” asked his colleague this morning, referencing the smash hit Barefoot Investor book, so popular with young professionals who have no self-control and feel powerless in a housing market geared against them.

“Oh ah, this,” replied Hill, motioning to his brand spanking ING card, that his new disciple Barefoot, aka Scott Pape told him to get.

“[Haha] Yeah that one was on the splurge account,” laughed Hill, who has been particularly struggling to curb his drinking and stockbroker’s snow habit of late.

“Hoping to save a bit of coin actually,” explained the young solicitor living in the French Quarter who has been bringing in markedly terrible leftovers for lunch in recent times.

Speaking to our reporters, Hill’s colleague explained that the appearance of the Orange card’s among friends and colleague’s has been particularly common in recent times.

“That little orange card is a tell tale sign someone’s been reading a bit of self help shit,” he laughed.

“I personally don’t need to bother as my parents have got a pretty handy trust set up, and dad’s already gone guarantor on a little investment for me down in Betoota Heights but good on Finn and the others for trying to do what they can.”


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