Hayley Shein-Sheike likes her fashion like her Uber rides; fast and cheap.

Always keen to stay on top of the latest trends whilst sticking to her tight student budget, Hayley has always had a soft spot for single-use items of clothing sold online or from one of the many major retailers that hock fast moving fabrics at Betoota’s DFO.

Keen to nab a bargain, Hayley enjoys buying highly flammable clothing made in one of the thousands of factories across Asia that violate human rights and force modern day slaves to work 18 hours a day for a $2 wage.

But this afternoon, The Advocate can reveal Hayley has been forced to rethink her love for “micro- trends” after a fateful interaction with her Grandma Ann (72), a veteran sewing master who knows her way around a Spotlight store and could teach her grandkids a thing or two about the value of repairing things when necessary.

Arriving home from her afternoon of carefree shopping, Hayley was surprised see her Grandma had dropped by with some fresh scones for afternoon tea and the hope that her grandkids could help her reset her Facebook password again.

“I tore two buttons off my coat last weekend, so I got a new jacket today!” Hayley proclaimed, unpacking her bags and tossing a faux-leather jacket made from 80% polyester onto the dining room table for her Nan to see.

“A new jacket for $25, down from $60!”

Unimpressed to see her Granddaughter was yet to master the simplest of sewing skills, Ann decided it was time to give her a proper dressing down and a lesson in basic stitching.

“What’d you buy that for love, it’s awful,” Ann lamented, spotting the cheap fabric a mile off.

“Go upstairs and get that sewing kit I made you for your birthday, we’re gonna fix your jacket and you’re gonna take this awful thing back to the shops, I won’t have you wearing it around the stove, it’s a fire hazard.”

More to come.


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