A wave of silence broke over a local group chat this morning after discussion about how excited they are for Falls Festival later this year turned to whose cars they’d be taking.

The group of friends, who often bond and grow as a unit through getting sunburnt and lost at summer at festivals over New Year’s were reportedly excited about the announcement of this year’s Falls Festival Line Up.

However, the pace at which the messages rolled in this morning slowly petered out as the day rolled on. By lunch, it was as quiet as Kings Cross Road on a Friday night.

“Like Randy Orton out of nowhere, the fired off question just silenced everything,” explained Lucy Anderson, one member of the chat.

“It’s the question always on everyone’s lips, but the question no one wants to ask, or answer.”

“Because everyone knows whose cars we are taking. The same cars as last year, and the same people will drive, and the same people will moan about taking their cars, and the same people will swear that someone else has to do it next year, and it will all repeat all over again until we get too old to wake up in Kmart tent with our tongues glued to the roof of our mouths.”

“It’s that tricky group dynamic, that the people with the cars, not me obviously, don’t want to volunteer. And the people without the cars don’t want to be seen to pressure the others into taking their cars, so the issue just hangs there in the balance, in a state of perfect suspension, until someone brings it up like they did today, and we are all forced to face the difficult topic.”

Nevertheless, the prolonged wave of silence has members wondering what they should do the break the ice.

“I guess it would be good if those with cars would just be good people and offer their services up, and we can move on with our lives.”

“Anyway, it will all blow over.”

“How good will Banks be aye.”

More to come.


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