A local information exchange moderator has today had to act quickly to try and avoid a full-blown virtual punch-up.

Rochelle Barnes, the admin of What’s Happening In Betoota Heights said things nearly exploded when one of her old girlfriend’s daughters posted an explosive attack in the group.

“Tanya Cronk is the aggressor in question on this one,” said Barnes, who has semi-retired to focus on moderating arguments in the Facebook group.

“She tried to post a character assassination on Mario and Janelle about them refusing to allow her in because she wouldn’t check in.”

“Sometimes I let those things run, but as soon as I saw the mention of Apartheid, I knew I had to nip it in the bud.”

The post was dropped into the local discussion group earlier this morning, after a heated incident down at the greengrocer in Betoota Heights Shopping Village.

The owners of the store reportedly refused to allow Tanya in, after she refused to check-in, causing the local beautician to unload on them for ‘policing a medical Apartheid.’

After 10 minutes of reciting information from her University of Facebook Medical degree, Tanya was eventually escorted out of the shopping village by security.

The middles class woman who is privileged enough to make getting a life-saving treatment her biggest issue, then took to Facebook to attack the business owners.

That resulted in admin Barnes then moving quickly to utilise the tools at her disposal.

“I had to limit it after 15 comments in 6 minutes. Those kinds of posts are like a powder keg in an information exchange,” said Barnes today.

“It’ll end in a scrap of Aisle 4 of the IGA or down at the Commerical Hotel if I don’t kill the comments on it,” explained the woman who feels like a kingmaker around town.

“They just go at each other like soccer fans with a belly full of piss”

“And anything jab related sends em wild”

“Makes for a bit of excitement for me though”


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