Somehow along the way, cherries became associated with Australian Christmas celebrations with many Christmas spreads being incomplete without a big bowl of dark red guys, and a smaller bowl for collecting pips and stems.

However, cherries are one of the latest items of produce to get caught up in the 2022 ‘fuck you, this is the price now’ craze that has hit grocery budgets around Australia.

As a result, punnets of under ripe cherries are going for up to $20, causing many local Christmas observers to question if they really need them at all this year.

One person who didn’t face this fight lying down is local grandpa Constantine Baros (87) who has come through with several punnets of dark red cherries bursting with festive goodness.

Known for being fluent in the language of produce, as well as a rare pre-industrial dialect of Greek, Baros has supplied his family with a whopping amount of cherries from an undisclosed source.

“I got them from a friend,” stated Baros, with a stone cold reservation, as if he were being interviewed by homicide detectives.

“He has good fruit and he charges me good price. He is good friend.”

Mr Baros then tapped the table and invited us to sit down and eat cherries with him as long as we wouldn’t ask any more questions about where the cherries came from.

“Even you do not need to know. Just eat.”



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