The Positions Vacant sign has again been spotted on the fence of the Betoota Engineering and Instrumentation Pty Ltd; the second time this month.

According to sources at the firm, Sales Manager Trevor Rotring’s habit of pronouncing specific as “pacific” is making it difficult to retain personnel and often leads to teeth-grinding and pen-snapping amongst the Sales Team during monthly sales meetings. 

An unnamed Sales Representative who wished to remain anonymous, Byron Rogerson, 47, said that the issue was a sensitive area.

“Nobody is game enough to say anything. I mean, he has an MBA so he’s smart enough to know the difference between a clearly defined and precise detail and 660 million trillion litres of water, so nobody is sure what the problem is.”

When approached for comment, Trevor said he didn’t know what the big deal was.

“Who cares how it’s pronounced? The Sales Team needs to stay focused on our core business. It’s our speciality to specify a spectrum of specialised stuff with spectacular specifications, so spending time speculating on such a pacific issue is spurious”.

Trevor was unavailable for further comment as he was suddenly concussed by a Pyrex coffee pot.


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