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The news of Australia’s beloved Holden coming to an end has rocked Australians to their very core, with many Aussies applying for bereavement leave.

But, as they say, chaos creates opportunity, and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk is not one to shy away from an opportunity.

At his Palo Alto headquarters, Elon Musk revealed his latest electronic invention, an 8-Volt Supercar that he intends to race at this year’s Bathurst 1000 as a replacement for the Holden racing team that will no longer exist.

The announcement has caused a lot of controversy, with die-hard Holden lovers telling Musk to “stay in his lane” and that his “pussy electrics aren’t welcome in Bathurst.”

The 8-Volt has garnered some intrigue around the technical side of the vehicle, with some people questioning how the car would even make it through the whole race.

However, Musk is not deterred by the backlash, saying the 8-Volt is the future of Bathurst whether the ‘Neanderthals’ like it or not.

“The 8-Volt is the future of the sport, it’s superior in every way, except recharging.”

“We are still working on a lightning charge method, at the moment the car can go about 550km on one charge, but it takes 12 hours to charge the car”

“But once we solve that minor detail, we’re away”

Initial reactions from Bathurst residents are quite positive, with the majority of people saying they’re looking forward to losing the noise pollution pumped out by the V8s.

“An all-electric Bathurst 1000, you could hear a Bundy can drop from a mile away.”

More to come.  


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