East coast of Australia residents were not sure how to react this week when unexpectedly confronted with the spectacle of water falling from the sky with no apparent cause.

Local dirt farmers Daniel and Melissa were preparing for dinner when they witnessed the strange phenomenon from their kitchen window.   

“We heard this weird hissing noise outside and all this water was falling out of the sky” said Melissa.

“I had heard that it can make your car rusty so I sent Daniel outside to move it into the shed. When he came back inside the water was all over him and he said he felt strange and damp so he quickly had a shower just in case. We looked it up on the net and apparently if enough falls it can wash your whole house away! We quickly packed up all our most important things in case we needed to leave in a hurry but luckily it all stopped after about 20 minutes and there didn’t seem to be any damage”.

Although shaken, Daniel said he had suffered no ill effects after exposure to the falling water.

“Yeah, it was a bit like a shower, but you know, outside. I had heard about it from some of the blow-ins around here; apparently it happens sometimes near the coast but you never expect to see something like this in your home town. Crazy stuff. I hope it doesn’t hurt the crops or anything”.

After the excitement, the pair immediately purchased a 4m tinny and two snorkel sets “just in case”.


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