A Betoota tradie is believed to be stuck in the pain chamber this morning after making a poor breakfast decision.

The Advocate can report local concreter Kane Nutley (26) has spent the last 25 minutes sweating up a storm in a worksite port-a-loo, also known as the Blue Sauna.

Contracted to work on the construction of the new tourist rest stop just 5 kms outside of town, it’s alleged Kane had slipped by the Matilda servo on Birdsville Developmental Road at 6:30 this morning to grab some breakfast.

Usually a fan of a sausage roll and iced coffee combo, it’s reported Kane decided he couldn’t resist the allure of a festering hot dog, which the attendant told him had been cooked fresh this morning.

Now battling one of the worst cases of the bum squirts in modern history, Kane has since been locked inside the port-a-loo and will likely emerge hoping he can get the green light to head home.

“You right in there mate?” yelled site supervisor Craig Carron banging on the door with his fist, “We’ve got some concrete arriving in halfa, reckon you’ll be right for it?”

“Mate it’s not good, I’m spraying like a garden hose in here!” fired back Kane, breathing heavily in distress.

Ironically, the work scheduled for today is believed to be the construction of a new tourist toilet block, a sizable upgrade from the old long drop toilets that were built by the Diamantina Council in 1996.

“You better call up someone else mate, that hot dog has gone straight through me!”


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