One of the coaches down at Betoota’s Muttaburrasaurus Rugby Union Football club has today spoken to The Advocate about the clubs prospects this year.

With his second grade side finishing a respectable 5th out of 7 teams, Gordon Wallace says he does have some concerns heading into the pre-season.

“Team culture is my main concern,” he sighed today.

“Namely, the lack of attendance I’ve seen at the two pub sessions I organised after training last week.”

“I told them that the pub is mandatory after training and most of them just went home.”

“It’s like they enjoy spending time with their partners or housemates or something,” said the divorcee in disbelief.

“Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t get it.”

The man whose wife left him a couple of years ago, says he’s always valued time at the pub for team bonding, and he believes every rained off training should be held there.

“What’s wrong with these blokes. After a long day at work, why wouldn’t you want to avoid going home to talk shit about stuff at home with other blokes avoiding going home.”

“I’m worried.”

“This new generation’s gone soft.”

More to come.


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