In some shocking news today, The Betoota Advocate can confirm that the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet is considering a drastic career move.

According to an anonymous insider within NSW parliament, the under fire Premier is planning to jump on a ship and flee to the South American nation of Argentina.

Following in the footsteps of thousands who donned the Nazi uniform before him, Perrottet says he’s planning on disappearing into the hills of Argentina.

“There’s a Ratline from Sydney through the Pacific to Buenos Aires,” explained a sombre Perrottet today.

“I’m hoping to get to there and then find a way up to one of those German towns and live my life as a farmer or something,” he sighed.

During and after the Second World War, Ratlines similar to the one Perrottet plans to take were set up through Europe allowing Nazis and Nazi sympathisers to flee Europe and hide away from their awful crimes.

Argentina was one of the most popular destinations, with their President Juan Peron a Nazi sympathiser who made efforts to bring plenty of Germans to his shores.

While strong efforts were made to extradite countless Nazis, many managed to disappear into the community and peacefully live out the rest of their days.

However, some of the more high profile were dealt with by Irsaeli National Intelligence Agency, Mossad – something which Perrottet says he hopes won’t happen to him.

“I’m hoping Mossad won’t come for me,” said Perrottet.

“I’ve told David (Elliot) that I want say any more nasty things about the pokies, and he promised not to tell Mossad’s hit squad where I am.”

It’s believed Elliot has been the driving force behind the escape, negotiating the use of his son’s Aristocrat card to pay for Perrottet’s departure.

“David told me I have to leave, or things will just keep getting worse for me.”

It’s unknown whether Perrottet has officially booked his trip yet, but a departure is expected in the coming days.

More to come.


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