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Shit has hit the fan at Betoota Domestic Airport today after a local dad was told by airport staff that he had exceeded his weight allowance and would have to remove some items should he wish to board his flight.

Not one to take direction from younger people well, Jim Twinings, very begrudgingly began unpacking his suitcase at the baggage drop desk – despite being asked by staff to move to the side.

“Can’t fuckin’ spare 4 kilograms” he was heard muttering to himself.

Witnesses at the scene say Jim unpacked and packed his suitcase a number of times and still wasn’t meeting the weight restrictions.

That was until he lifted a sky-blue polo shirt to reveal the culprit.

It’s been confirmed that underneath the polo shirt was a pair of faded white New Balance joggers that Jim had owned for over 20 years.

Reports from the scene say removing the joggers from his bag saved him 6kg.

The Advocate managed to interview Jim before he and his family boarded their flight to Townsville for their family holiday.

“Who would have thought my old kicks would weigh so much? Guess it’s safe to say they don’t make shoes like they used to ‘ey” he said jovially to our reporter.

Apparently, his kids knew they would weigh that much, in fact they told him not to pack them.

“We told him they would weigh too much but he didn’t listen.”

It’s not yet known whether his kids were looking out for his baggage weight limit or protecting their own reputations, lest they are seen in public with their dad while he wore white bricks.

More to come.


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