A casual conversation with dad has resulted in him offering up a wildly sensitive bit of information about a prominent member of the community.

Even though it’s pretty clear that dad was told to keep this a secret, he thought that this passing bit of chit chat is probably the best time to offer it up.

While chatting about a local Betoota politician and family friend, Peter, who is now under investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission for misusing tax-payer dollars to fund his holiday travel – dad sees no reason why he shouldn’t start talking about the whispers he’s heard about Peter’s traumatic childhood.

The conversation, which up until now has focused on how Peter’s had a bad run with the divorce a couple years back and how all this drama is getting in the way of him actually being a half decent local councillor, takes a dramatic turn as dad starts popping off with some shit that could easily result in a defamation suit if it was proven to be incorrect.

“Yeah, poor old Peter” says dad.

“He doesn’t make life easy for himself”

“To be honest, I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that he got touched up by one of the brothers back at boarding school”

“Just quietly”



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