A local dad has proved to his family he is feeling a bit sentimental today by loading up the family chat with about 262 childhood photos.

An early adopter of technology as far as boomers go, Betoota dad Morgan Glenton has recently gotten into scanning old photos, a hobby which is now resembling a fulltime job for the father of three.

With his nest now as empty as a plover that set up by the window of a private school principal’s office, Glenton likes to pop the odd sentimental photo on the family chat he has with his three kids and wife who he already showed the photos to as he found them.

However, Glenton’s daughter Holly recently explained to her father the concept of a photo dump which presumably led to Glenton taking a photo laxative.

“Here’s just a few photos of you kids that always make me smile,” typed Glenton as he sent the images that would force his children to buy extra data.

“Let me just give you a bit of background on each of these, there used to be a show called Who Dares Wins which Holly wanted to be on when she was little. So I went to the two dollar shop and bought a curly black wig and pretended to be the host Mike Whitney. Not all of you will remember Mike Whitney but back in the day…”

According to Glenton’s eldest daughter Holly, while she appreciates her dad has a big nostalgic heart, she rarely opens a link her parents send her, let alone several memoirs worth of ‘90s Kodak imagery.

“I mean, that’s just aggressive affection after a point,” stated Holly Glenton, trying not to cry as she looked at a photo of her and her dad getting matching face paint at her first footy game.

“God, he’s such a stupid special sentimental boomer with the biggest bloody heart and I love him so fucking much the bloody lovely oaf.”

More to come.


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