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A Betoota Cotton Farmer has caused his family to roll their eyes in unison this morning after proudly looking at his breakfast and stating that his creation ‘would cost you bloody $40 down in Sydney.’

The breakfast in question is what Jim Macksville likes to call A Big Royale; bacon, poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, hash browns, avocado, fetta and a sprinkling of dukkah.

The Advocate sat down with Mr Macksville and his family of 4 to see why their reaction to their father’s culinary skills was so negative.

“Because he says this about every meal he or mum makes” said Josephine, Jim’s oldest daughter.

“We get it, Sydney is expensive, but we’re just sick of hearing about it,” added Tom, the middle child.

“I don’t know why you’re sick of hearing it, I’m just trying to educate you kids,” Mr Macksville said.

“Maybe teach you to make breakfast at home instead of going out and wasting 0.004% of your future home deposit,” he continued.

This comment caused the whole family to roll their eyes again.

“Dad, everything is more expensive in Sydney, just accept it,” said one of his kids.

“For the sanity of everyone in the family, can you just please try not to comment on every meal? We’re sick of it.”

It was clear that this request put Mr Macksville in a very awkward position. He wanted to do right by his family, but it was in his fatherly DNA to comment on the comparable cost of a meal.

With lunch not far away, Mr Macksville’s ultimate test is fast approaching.

More to come.  


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