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A local woman hit hard by the cost of living crisis has been forced to return to her OG Mecca Cosmetica, as she comes to realise that dropping $80 on a blush just isn’t feasible anymore.

Clara Bow [30] tells The Advocate that this sacrifice has been just one of many she’s made recently, stating that her most recent gas bill is what sent her over the edge. Though she loves nothing more than perusing the aisles of Mecca for unnecessary makeup purchases, she’s had to make do with re there’s turning to Priceline – which at least also satiates her recent Vitamin hyper fixation, if there’s any consolation there.

“I really thought by the age of 30 I’d have a decent disposable income”, she said, letting out a sad sigh, “I mean, I know I won’t buy a house or probably even have kids, because who can afford that.”

“But yeah, no more Nars or Too Faced for me. I’m a Revlon girl now.”

Admitting that apart from foundation, she doesn’t really find much of a difference between the bargain and more expensive cosmetics, Clara says it more comes down to the feeling she gets walking into a Mecca store.

“Going to Mecca is a religious experience”, she explains, “that’s why they called it that.”

“This cost of living shit has taken my lash extensions away, regular hairdresser appointments, and now my nice makeup.”

“Guess I’ll just be fucking ugly then.”

More to come.


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