The popular Station street in Betoota Height’s Flight Path District has once again been gifted yet another ‘convenience store’ that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and is indistinguishable from the other six identical retailers on the same block.

However, it is not immediately clear what kind of conveniences are being sold at the new business, vaguely titled Local GOODS Shop.

While it seems as thought heavily marked up cigarettes are available for purchase, the shopkeeper does not seem to know the differences between even the most mainstream brands of tobacco.

The fridge is full of Aldi-brand soft drink and a couple bottles of milk in weird measurements.

There’s also an untouched Cadbury Caramillk 48-pack on one of the shelves, next to an expired 250g bottle of Masterfoods American Mustard and a single onion – that appears to be wilting.

In fact, if you didn’t have the youthful street smarts to nod at the shopkeeper, you’d think this business was completely unsustainable.

That’s until you see the stash of 1000 illegal nicotine vapes under the counter

With close to 20% of Australians aged 10-30 vaping either full time or part time, it is not wonder why these stores are currently filling every empty shop front in the country.

While ‘Mum and Dad’ convenience stores are decimated by the oversaturation of the drug dealers running half-arsed mixed goods businesses, Australians remain unsure around the legality of these battery-powered Chinese-made poison pens.

However, one thing is for sure, is that these short-lived shops have no problem selling them to kids in school uniforms. So they mustn’t be that bad for you.


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