In an act so charitable it might just end up as a tax deduction, a local university is offering a framing service for Communications degrees making them look almost like the real thing.

South Betoota Polytechnic (Betoota campus) is known for offering prestigious degrees in business and health as well as a few cheeky comms degrees so there will always be models for the marketing material who will work for popcorn.

Although students of other degrees chide the Comms students with the type of snobbish ribbing that upper middle class people excel at, SBP wants to make it clear that Communications degrees are the same as real degrees if you think about it.

“I learnt a lot when I earnt my Comms degree,” stated Comms school head Koranan Van Blem, demonstrating creativity in the use of the word ‘earnt’.

“I learnt that there are 14.2 grams to a half ounce.”

“Of course, all the actual course work was irrelevant a year and a half after I graduated. Unfortunately, that’s a luxury our current students won’t have.”

More to come.


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