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Harking back to the days when he’d slam his Betoota Grove bedroom door shut and retreat into his headphones after an argument with his surgeon father, a local accountant has used that pent-up rage from yesteryear to smash out a bonus set this morning at the gym.

Dale Rodgers, who ended up in accounting because he is unable to mesh with the rest of society, said his upper-middle-class upbringing among the towering London Plane trees of Greenpoint Road left him feeling frustrated – but he found solace in Rage Against The Machine.

In particular, a track from their seminal classic album ‘The Battle Of Los Angles’.

Our reporter caught up with the jacked unit at the Subway next door to the PowerJuice Gym in the French Quarter.

He shuddered and gagged as our reporter ordered a toasted seafood surprise on white bread with Old English on top. Dale ordered a turkey 6-inch to go with his lack of personality.

“When Guerilla Radio came on in my headphones this morning at the gym, I went into beast mode. That’s my pump-up anthem to the max!”

“Such nostalgia in that track, I hadn’t heard it for so long. I’d just slogged through two sets listening to Moondance by the Irish Elvis, which really took the lead out of my pencil. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Belfast Cowboy – just not now when I’m trying to enter beast mode,”

“Then that unmistakeable Morello riff came on and I felt a surge of power! Ohhh yeaah!”

Dale then shoved our reporter in a jovial but firm manner.

Not knowing what to do, he left the gym and locked himself in the Ford Capri he borrowed off The Advocate‘s editor Clancy Overell.

More to come.


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