For local chubby kid, Benjamin Knight (11) warmer weather cannot come any sooner as this dough-boy is dying to show off his spanking new rash vest this summer.

Unaware he was slightly larger for his age until his classmates decided to enlight him via bullying, Knight has fully embraced the chubby-chap lifestyle which has been largely helped by the widely accepted notion he can rock the fuck out of a rashie.

“Wait until they see this one,” smiled the full-cheeked youth.

“My winter bod is flaunting a summer rashie.”

Currently, Knight plans on wearing the rashie during his family day-trips to the beach but states he will also give the rashie a go in swimming pools and spas.

“When you’ve got a bad boy like this do you think you’re going to save it for the beach? It’s an authentic Quicksilver you know.”

According to Knight, as dazzling as he looks in his rash vest there are some people who think they’re doing him a favour by encouraging him to take it off.

“People seem to think that body positivity hasn’t reached short, prepubescent geeks like me who’d rather play Fortnite than learn how to dribble a basketball. I’m going to look hot this summer, I just hope mum can get my bowl cut just right.”

More to come.


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