A local bloke has politely let his sharehouse know his love life is on the up, by spending his morning partaking in a rather long body grooming session.

Rather than sending a message into the sharehouse group chat, or simply raising the update over breakfast, it’s understood eligible bachelor Carl Ogden (27) took over the single bathroom in a four bedroom terrace in the French Quarter this morning, and proceeded to meticulously trim his pubic hairs for a full half an hour.

After waking up to the loud buzzing vibrations of a Gillette body groomer, and the odd swear word as Carl nicked his ball sack with a nose hair trimmer, it’s believed Carl’s housemates are now very aware he’s preparing himself for “Date #3’’.

Speaking to housemate, Tanya Orton, it’s understood Carl’s recent turn in behaviour and new passion for keeping the sharehouse kitchen clean must certainly have something to do with his recently acquired romantic interest.

“Carl’s usually our slobby housemate, but he’s definitely taken a turn this week and has been into all of us about keeping this place tidy.”

“He even bought a new pack of steel wool yesterday and scrubbed down the sink and stove top, I think he’s assuming he’s about to introduce us to a 6th housemate!”

Speaking to Carl from the comforts of the dry bath tub, The Advocate can confirm he is preparing for a date with a girl he’s become quite fond of over the past two weeks of online courting.

“We’ve had two dates and it’s going well, in fact she’s invited me over for dinner this evening and her parents aren’t home…”

“It’s about time I ‘mowed my lawn’ if you know what I mean, I haven’t trimmed my nostril hairs since Christmas and there’s some overgrowth to address.”

“Now pass me the shaving cream will you, I think I might try something new and fix up my armpits…” 

More to come.


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