Choosing to do some spring cleaning at the latest possible time to do so, Leane Trivoski (58) decided to conquer the enigmatic enemy of minimalism that is her kitchen messy draw.

“It’s just the sort of place we keep things we don’t need right now but will probably need later,” stated Trivoski as she ran a hand through a deep clutter of furniture hoofs and takeaway menus for restaurants that went out of business during the GFC.

“I keep meaning to match the pens up with the lids.”

Trivoski’s attempt to declutter the messy draw was foiled for the 16th year in a row when the mum of four encountered a mysterious charging device of unknown origins.

“Was this from that video camera we bought for Hamilton Island ’03?”

Although a self-described fan of unsolved mysteries,Trivoski could not figure out where this unidentified charging device had come from but was also unable to get rid of it.

“What if someone needs to charge something? Gerard still won’t let me forget that time I threw out the lid for his vege composter, I’m not throwing out a whole charger.”


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