Greg White is breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

This comes after it was revealed that the 69-year-old CEO was a winner in this year’s budget.

While plenty would expect the CEO of a tax-dodging multinational company to be a winner in any Coalition Government Budget, White said he was nervous that this Covid-19 pandemic might have thrown a spanner in the works.

Speaking to The Advocate today the Whooton School Alumni explained that he rushed home from a long lunch yesterday evening to check if he was going to be able to put food on the table over the next few months.

The boss of a resources company that is registered overseas and pays no company tax year on year because it pays one of the Big 4 accounting firms to lie its way out of putting anything back into the public coffers as a result of exorbitant profits it makes from ripping shit out of the ground (which should belong to the nation but doesn’t) – said he’s stoked that JoFry’s looking after him again.

“I thought, given that we are going to tip the scales at a trillion dollars of debt in the near future, maybe the Government would make an effort to go harder after large companies like mine that funnel money out of the country into international bank accounts, but they’re not, so what a relief.”

“And, I’ll even get a little bit of tax back! Which is quite the cherry on top given the complicated nature of my financial arrangements means I pay far far less then I should.”

“I’m a winner baby, I’m glad the government is looking after battlers like me.”


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