With more and more Australians starting their days hungover and organising their weekends around the best place to have a bevvy, a new cafe is doing its bit to lend a hand.

Accommodating this seasonal switch is Betoota cafe The Downtrod Den, which has just brought in a shipment of new heads to sell to weary coffee drinkers on Monday mornings.

“There’s only so much a bit of caffeine can do,” stated owner Bart Downtrod.

“I got the idea one morning when I asked a regular if I could get him anything else and he said ‘how about a new head?’”

“I now realise he was making a sarcastic joke at my expense but it got me thinking, what if we sold some new heads?”

The Downtrod Den regulars can now enjoy a hangover busting morning special of $10.50 for a large coffee and new head.

So far the reception has been huge, with many customers walking out with a different head to the one they came in with. 

“Plus, it works really well with the type of jokes I like to write on my cafe walls. See this one, ‘Woman’s Brain = $2.50, Man’s Brain = $50. That’s because the women’s brain has been used!’”

“I didn’t come up with that one, I saw it on a greeting card.”


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