As we close in on the first quarter of the year, some families are opting to get their Easter celebrations out of the way now – to avoid the rush of traffic and holiday bookings.

Australians right across the country, specifically rural Australians, are making their way to the coast, before it gets too cold for the inlanders to have a swim.

One mob of Betoota Heights relations are today giving it a real go, inviting the cousins from far and wide for some prawns and midstrength beers on a grassy noll somewhere up north.

Parked up at one of those quiet waveless beaches between Bundy and Gladstone, the Rickett family are treating themselves to an unofficial long weekend – with some travelling as far as the NT border.

One cousin, Levi Rickett (26) has managed to peel himself away from chasing bulls for 48 hours to take in the saltwater and drink himself into a yellowy stupor.

“Thought we’d be flooded up this way” says Levi, in reference to the northern NSW floods – roughly 700 kilometres south.

“Them photos I seen of the rivers bursting down the coast put the wonder into me, by Jose”

With the sun shining and ice cold mangos encouraging some premium shit talk, Levi takes a moment to look around.

“Jeez I shoulda brought me togs”

His relatives, who are currently lying on beach towels in boardshorts and bikinis, shake their heads.

“Did you only pack one change on clothes?” asks one of the more metropolitan cousins.

“We are here for three nights”

“Why are you dressed like you’re going to the Mount Isa Rodeo?”

Levi scowls.

“Blow it out your arse” he spits.

“I didn’t know we could go swimming. I thought this place was half fucked with box jelly fish”

At time of press, Levi had not yet given a solid answer as to whether or not he’d actually packed a bag for the weekend, or if he intended on wearing the same button up shirt and boot cut Levis from Friday to Monday.

“Give it a rest wouldya” he says.

“At least I brought me rock sandals”

“Anyone wanna wet a line?”


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