A Bundaberg man in the big smoke has today let out a defeated sigh, after being bailed up with the same question for the 18th time. 

The Kalkie born and raised Mal Langerak who is visiting a mate in the River City says he’s had enough of being asked about whether he likes a rum or two. 

“And I’ve only been down here for 4 hours,” laughed the man at some trendy 

Kangaroo point brewery. 

“Everyone’s a joker apparently,” said the red blooded Queenslander catching up with a mate who moved down south for work. 

Mal says every single one of his colleagues and mates have taken the opportunity to ask him whether he likes drinking Rum – in reference to his hometown being the rum capital of the country. 

“Yeah believe it or not, I actually don’t go to the Bundaberg Rum distillery every Friday after work, and I barely touch the sugarcane champagne,” Mal told The Advocate. 

“And I don’t drink drive home from the pub either,” laughed the responsible local citizen. 

“I’m not even that fussed on the Bundaberg soft drinks either.” 

“Apart from the guava one, that one’s incredible.” 

“Anyway, we’ll see if they are just trolling me, or whether they’ll keep asking me the same question for the rest of the weekend haha.” 


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