With world leader’s descending on the Indonesian Province of Bali, plenty of news stories have been generated over the last couple of days.

However, arguably the biggest report breaking out of South East Asia this week has been a landmark achievement for the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The third leader of the UK this year has wowed the world by finally making himself a working class friend!

Sunak made headlines for being a billionaire who bragged about not having any working class friends in the past.

But, Britains new PM has now achieved the milestone after sitting down for a meeting with Australian man Anthony Albanese.

While the meeting was set up to discuss trade and defence ties between the two nations, Albanese apparently spent the first chunk of the meeting informing Sunak about how he grew up in housing commission in Camperdown.

Sunak, who married the daughter of the ‘Godfather of tech in India,’ was apparently blown away by the fact that some who came from a working class background could become a high ranking politician in the Australian system.

“Wow, you are my first ever working class friend, this is incredible,” laughed Sunak, immediately sanitising his hands.

“Working class friendddddddd”

Albanese then launched into the spiel about the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Catholic Church, with Sunak marvelling at how someone with such an uncouth accent could be in such a position of power.

“Marvellous, just marvellous,” laughed Sunak.

More to come.


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